Fuck Yeah Steve Jinks


Warehouse 13: Steve Jinks [ISFJ]

Introverted Sensing (Si): remembrance of and comparison to past experiences and learned information

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): considering the welfare of all, needing external approval on decisions

Introverted Thinking (Ti): objectivity and the desire to challenge established beliefs

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): gathering ideas from the outside world, reading between the lines

Steve Jinks finds it very difficult to overcome the past. He particularly dislikes talking about past hurts, since he neither knows how to deal with his own grief nor how to stop thinking about it (Si-Fe). He’s attentive to detail and remembers facts very well (Si). He’s an excellent cook and likes for things to be “homey,” since it helps him feel more at ease (Si). Steve is shy and rarely talks about his own feelings, but is always concerned about everyone around him (Fe). This gives him an unnatural ability to discern whether or not other people are lying (Si-concentration, Fe-vibration reading, and Ne-intuition).

He is the calm, quiet voice of reason in a bad situation (Ti), particularly if it requires him to sacrifice himself to protect other people (Fe-leading Ti). Jinks isn’t fazed by new artifacts or experiences, but instead is curious about how they work and interested in seeing what happens (Ti). He has a heavy amount of discernment, but struggles to utilize his intuition fully in anticipating betrayal (inferior ne).

i loved your blog why did you stop posting! :(

I’ve actually been meaning to make a post about this. 

I am very sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog.  I’ve been in the midst of finals and moving back to America from the UK so I have not seen much of this season of Warehouse 13.

So as soon as I get the chance to catch up I’ll be posting again but until then I do apologize.



“You know, I never had a gay friend before, which is weird if you think about it because I’m sort of fabulous, right?”

I’m sorry, okay? God, I’m sorry any of it happened, but if you think I’m going to apologize for bringing you back, I’m not. You know, maybe it was completely selfish of me. Maybe I ruined your karma, or, put a kink in your plan to achieve Enlightenment and come back as a butterfly, or whatever Buddists do. Maybe, I’ve upset the whole cosmos, I don’t care, I would do it all again. I really hope you can forgive me. But it’s okay if you don’t… you know, as long as you’re here. The world’s a better place with you in it, Jinksy. My world is, anyway.
Claudia Donovan about bringing Steve back (via bornforthe70s)